Hello friends welcome to ViralHax. We are here with a new article again that is about changing MAC address. Our today’s topic is how to change mac address in android. Here in this article I will provide you the full information about Mac address. In addition I will also provide you the full guide lines about need to change mac address and What can you do after changing mac address. So lets begin our today’s article that is How to change mac address in android.

But before performing any task, you must be very well known about Mac address. Firstly I will explain you some points about Mac address. Because it is very important to understand the term before forwarding to steps description of any task. MAC generally stands for Media Access Control. Where IP address are associated with Transmission control protocol/ Internet Protocols. MAC can be defined as the hardware address of every Network Interface Card (NIC). NIC or Network Interface Card is a key connection device of one’s computer or laptop, that is essential for one computer to connect to a network. Whenever a network adaptor is manufactured, a unique MAC address is given to it. It is hard-coded to a computer from the time of manufacturing of that computer. That is all about MAC address. I hope you will get it properly.

How to change Mac address in android?

Now there is one one more important topic related to this article that is Android. Yes, we will now describe you some basic points about android because the topic. Like how to change MAC address in android is all related to android also. So I want to make it clear that what is android? Friends Android is a Linux based operating system that operates your mobile phone to function properly. Friends if you are using an android mobile phone currently, that means your mobile phone is functioning up on Linux operating system and you are using a android phone. It was first developed by Android Incorporation.

But later Google has bought it and owned it. Android has provided us many of apps or applications some of them are for entertainment and some of them are to help us in our work of office, school and of our daily life too. Google play store is one of the most popular, useful and users preferred application. It lets you to install all of the paid and unpaid application provided by google.

Now there is a question that why we nee d to change MAC address or what is the need to change MAC address? In the next section of our today’s article we will describe you the need or the importance of changing MAC address of your android phone.

Why we need to change MAC address?

As we are describing the trick about how to change MAC address in android then it is very important to discuss or better say describe about its need. The need, to change Mac address. Friends as we have described the Mac address above but some times we need to change it. And this is because some times we need to hack some one’s WiFi or some one’s Whatsapp account also.

Yes, you can use some one’s WiFi and some one’s whatsapp by changing your mac address and make it same of target’s MAC address. Not only this some times you are in danger of hacking if you have an public wifi connection. Because any hacker can easily hack your WiFi connection if he will successfully gets your original Mac address. But you can save yourself from this situation by changing your mac address. So, these were the some points or you can say reasons which make changing of Mac address important. Now you people must be thinking of changing your mac address. I will provide you the trick to change the mac address of your android device. But before this there are some basic requirements you need to fulfil before proceeding towards trick.


Now the requirements there are some requirements you need to complete or fulfil to proceed towards the trick. You need:

  • Rooted android device
  • Busybox android app
  • Terminal emulator or Chamele Mac app

Note: This Trick Is Only For Rooted Android Device Without Rooting Your Phone You Can Not Proceed. If You Want To Change Your Android Device Then The Article How To Root Your Android Device Of Mine Can Help You. To Root Your Android Device Click Here.

Advantages of changing MAC address

Now we will describe you the advantages of changing Mac address. Or in other words we can say we will let you know that what can you do after changing the Mac address. Here we mention some points or advantages that you will get after changing your android mac address.

You can connect to the WiFi from where you have been blocked.

Friends if you have been blocked from some WiFi connection then you can now connect your device to that WiFi by just changing your android mac address. For example some of your friend or someone, WiFi connection’s owner, whose WiFi you are using, has blocked you from his WiFi. In that case you could not connect to that WiFi. But friends you can connect with that WiFi by changing your mac address.

We can bypass the ISP (Internet Service Provider) login page.

Friends you can bypass the ISP login page. It means if you have not paid your Internet bill, then they will block your mac address and you can not access the internet. In this case need to find the mac address of another user, using same ISP. Then you have to change your mac address. And make it same to that user’s Mac address. In this way you can bypass the ISP login and you can enjoy the services of Internet without login.

Tricks to change Mac address in android

1- How to Change Mac Address Using Chamele Mac App


  1. First of all you need to download chameleMac app. You can simply download the app from given link. Just click here to download chameleMac app.
  2. Then enable unknown sources in your android device if you are first time downloading apk file. Because without enabling unknown sources you can not able to install any of apk file. Just go to your Settings > Security > Enable unknown sources.
  3. Now install the apk file in your device that you have downloaded from the above give link.
  4. Now Open the app that you have installed.
  5. It will ask you for the root access. Tap the grant or allow option. Now you will see the main screen.
  6. Now you will see the original Mac address of your device. Just note down the original Mac address. You can need it in future.
  7. Now click on the generate random Mac option or enter any Mac address of your choice.
  8. After that click on Apply new MAC option there.
  9. Now it will ask you for confirmation. You just have to click change option from there.

2- How to Change Mac Address Using terminal emulator app

Terminal Emulator is very awesome app. You can also Hack Wifi Networks by using this app. And if you want to use kali linux or backtrack 5r3 linux in your device. Then you can do it by just using terminal emulator application. You can also check your phone’s root access by just type su in terminal app. So it is very useful app, And now i am using it for change mac address in android.


  1. First of all download the terminal emulator app.You can download the app from Play store. Open Play Store app in your device. Search for terminal emulator app. If you find, then install it in your device. Beside this you can simply download the app from the given link. You just have to click here to download terminal emulator app.
  2. Now you have to install the downloaded app in your device.
  3. It will ask for root permission, tap on allow or grant button.
  4. After that you just have to type below given commands respectively. And Hit enter button.
  5. Now type su , then it will ask for root permission, now tap on grant ot allow button.
  6. Now if you want to see your own MAC address in this app, Then type busybox iplink show eth0″ and press enter.
  7. Now you need to type busybox ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX in terminal emulator and hit enter button.
  8. After that, You need to replace XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with any of numbers, which you want to set your new MAC address.
  9. That’s it, now your MAC address is successfully changed. If you want to see your new MAC address then type busy box link show eth0 in terminal emulator.

3- How to Change Mac Address Using Engineering mode


Note That This Method Is Only For MTK Processor Devices. This Trick Works Only For MTK Processor Devices. So If You Have Any Mobile Which Works With Snapdragon Or Any Other Chip-Set. Then This Method Is Not For You. So You Have To Try Other Options, Which I Mentioned In Above Article.

  1. Now you have to download MTK Engineering Mode App.
  2. After that, Open this app and click on MTK Settings. Then it will open Engineering mode in your device.
  3. Now it will show some of options in it. So you have to click on Connectivity, Then click on WiFi, And finally click on NVRAM.
  4. Now you have to enter below given values in Byte String Access

Addr(H,Byte): 4
Length(Byte): 6

  • Now it will show your MAC address in value(h)
  • Then you can change your MAC address according to your requirements, and then press Write.

These were the three steps that will make you know how to change Mac address in android. You can use any of these three steps and can change your Mac address. But note that friends, the third step that is with engineering mode is only for MTK Processor devices. It does not works on other devices.

4- How to Change Mac Address Using ES File Explorer

Es file explorer is the best file manager software for android devices. I am also using it in my device. The best part of Es file explorer is that is also work as a root explorer app or root file manager. Means you can see your system files in this app or you can also able to edit. So in this method we are going to use it to change mac address in android.

Steps :-

  1. Firstly you have to download and install Es file explorer (you can download it from play store).
  2. Now open it.
  3. Then open left menu or press menu key in it.
  4. Now enable root explorer.
  5. Then also enable Show Hidden Files
  6. Now search a folder named EFS
  7. Then find and open another folder in EFS folder named WiFi .
  8. After that, you will see 2 folders in it. The first folder named is mac.cob and the second folder named mac.info
  9. Now open mac.cob using text editor.
  10. It will show your current mac address.
  11. Type any new Mac Address and save that file.
  12. That’s it, You are done.

Additional help with video tutorial

Here we are providing you some additional help that is a YouTube video. We are providing this video to help you more. So that you better understand the concept visually. Given link is a YouTube video link of mine. Please watch it. Like it, share it and subscribe the channel for more updates on tech tricks.

Final Words

I hope you like  our today’s article. Thank you all of you readers for visiting here and for giving us your precious time. If you have any query or problem related to this article the you can ask me on comment section below. I will try to reply you soon. Consequently please share this article with your colleagues, family and friends. Also share it on your social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. And I will be back with a new article. Till then Bye Bye.

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