• Hi everybody, In this guide we learn how to change IMEI number in any android device with rooted or non rooted mobile. Changing of IMEI is not legal thing because in mobile IMEI is most important thing and for stolen mobile and criminal’s traces by this IMEI number. Some apps are available for spoof app with fake IMEI as device emulator app. IMEI {International Mobile Equipment Identity} Is use only for identifying device and his location as its full name. You can check phone IMEI number simply dialling by *#06# in your android device or you find it in the back side of your mobile or inside battery. I also posted Fast Charging Apps To Charge Your Android Phone.

Change IMEI Number Of Any Android Device

The lession to change IMEI you use without pc. It is easiest and safest way to change IMEI number in your android device. Best thing is that it is temporary means any time you can restore your original IMEI . This method is based on an app. You install it and enter IMEI number as your choice. After all restart your device and check by *#06#. Now you can see that your IMEI number changed as you feed and IMEI changer Worked fine. Like this it is easiest and safest way to change IMEI. Follow full guide step wise to change IMEI number in your android device.

Requirement To Change IMEI Number

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  • 2 How to Change IMEI Number in Android Device {Root Required Device}
  • 3 How to Change IMEI Number in Mediatek (MTK) Chipset Android {Root Not Required}
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If you want to change your IMEI number then before start this process complete some requirement i mentioned bellow.

  • Required rooted android device
  • Installed an app xposed installer in your android mobile Download Xposed Installer
  • Download IMEI changer app Download IMEI Generator App
  • An internet connection in your android device.

How to Change IMEI Number in Android Device {Root Required Device}

If you have already rooted android mobile or root your android mobile to use this method. After it install Xposed installer perfectly in your device to use this app. In Marshmallow android version it also work. I guide you this method step wise so don’t worry follow step by step.

  • Open your IMEI number  by dialling *#06# and note your IMEI number.

Change IMEI Number Of Android Device

  • After it go to xposed installer and click on IMEI changer app as module and restart your device.
  • Now when your device restarted then open IMEI changer app
  • After open this IMEI changer app you see your original IMEI number and current IMEI number.

change imei rooted android device

  • Now you enter new IMEI number in new IMEI number space and click on apply button.
  • After these all process restart your android device again. Now IMEI number check by *#06# you can see that your IMEI number successfully changed.

How to Change IMEI Number in Mediatek (MTK) Chipset Android {Root Not Required}

If your mobile has a mediatek chipset processor then follow this method. In this method root not required, follow this method step by step.

  • First download mobile uncle app for open engineering mode in your mediateke device. Download Mobile Uncle
  • Install mobile uncle app and open it. Now select engineer mode option and then engineer mode (MTK)

Change IMEI Of Android Device

  • Now go to cds information and then select radio information.

imei changer android apk

  • Here you will see option phone 1 and phone 2 select phone 2 if available.   change imei android without root
  • Now you will see the option AT+
  • Enter your new IMEI number after AT+ (New IMEI number)


  1. Replace 15 digit IMEI number with old after AT+
  2. Give a space after AT+ then enter your new 15 digit IMEI
  • After enter new IMEI number click on Send AT Command 
  • Then restart your android device
  • After restart check your IMEI number by dial *#06#

Now you can see your new imei number. It means you successfully done this process.


Don’t try this process for any illegal purpose. It is only for educational purpose or for fun. .IMEI  Changing in any device is illegal.


This is the full guide to change IMEI number. It is easiest and safiest way which you can use for change IMEI number in any rooted or non rooted android device. Use this guide carefully and don’t use for any illegal purpose. If you find this post, useful then share it with your friends and if you find any problem then comment me in comment box given bellow. Subscribe for more new post. Thanks for visit.

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